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Introduction to Endeavor Flash Cards

A Quick Navigation Guide to the Software

Main menu

Here is what the main menu looks like. It shows itself in the top left corner upon launching the application and can be used to access all the application functions.

Review Mode

The first button on the main menu brings the user to the review mode. In the review mode, the user can select the course and grade for review and specify the unit and order of the cards if needed.

After the user had selected the flash cards for review, a review button will pop up at the bottom right of the window. Selecting it shows the selected flash cards in order. There are four buttons in this mode, the "previous", "flip", "stop" and "next" buttons.​

Manage Courses​

The second button on the main menu will open an option menu for the user to either create or delete courses for flashcards. Selecting the "Create Course" option allows the user to create a new course under a specified grade. If the grade inputted doesn't exist, the application will create that grade.

Selecting the "Delete Course" option allows the user to delete a course. To delete the course, the user needs to select the grade that the course is under. Then, they will choose the course for deletion. If there are no courses under the selected grade, pushing the delete course button will simply delete the grade.

Flash Cards​

The third button on the main menu opens an option menu where the user can edit, create and delete flash cards:

  • Create from Camera: allows the user to take a picture using their webcam which can be subsequently edited into flash cards

  • Create from Screenshot: allows the user to take a screen shot from their display which can be subsequently edited into flash cards

  • Load Picture: the user can load in a picture which can be subsequently edited into flash cards

  • Rename: allows the user to rename any flash card

  • Delete: allows the user to delete flash cards; deleting a course will remove all flash cards under that course as well

Using the Create from Camera, Create from Screenshot or Load Picture option will generate a picture. This picture will be displayed with an edit button which will take the user to the edit mode. In the picture below, the edit button has been marked with a red circle. 

There are 7 buttons for the user to use in the edit window:

  • Squarecrop: allows the user to crop a portion of the picture rectangularly

  • Circlecrop: allows the user to crop a portion of the picture circularly

  • Mask: allows the user to cover portions of the picture using white rectangular masks

  • Text: allows the user to write text on the picture

  • Erase: allows the user to erase masks

  • Save: allows the user to save the edited picture as a flashcard

  • Done: allows the user to exit the edit mode once they finish

The window below will be displayed when the user clicks the save button:​

  • Name: The user assigns a name to the flash card. The name cannot contain commas. The name must be the same for a question and answer flash card to be paired together. 

  • Unit: The user assigns a unit to a flash card. The purpose of assigning an unit to the flash card is to give users the choice of reviewing entire courses or reviewing selected units. For example, an user will may not want to study the entirety of their biology course but only certain chapters. In order to create a new unit, just simply input the name for the new unit.

  • Content: The user inputs a few keywords that relate to this slide. These keywords will display when the user is selecting cards to review in the review mode.

  • Grade: The user selects the grade for the flash card in this dropdown menu (the grade dropdown is to the left of the course dropdown)

  • Course: The user selects the course for the flash cards to be in. This dropdown will only show when a grade has been selected.

  • Question/Answer: This is a toggle switch which sets the flash card to the question or answer side


The fourth button will open a dropdown menu. Selecting "Manage Directory" will bring the user to this interface. Changing the current directory will ask the user to change the location of where future flash cards are stored. Keep in mind that the user can change the current directory back if they choose to do so.

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